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Welcome to BestSaltLamp.com, the place to see and learn about the amazingly beautiful and useful Himalayan Salt Lamps coming out Pakistan.

In the course of your time on the site my goal is to answer all questions you have about these lamps. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know something not on the site, you will be making the site better for the next visitor.

A little about me.

My name is Bill Gough, I spent near 30 years traveling the world between the US Navy and overseas contract work.BMC Bill Gough

During my travels, I lived near or in tropical jungles, middle east deserts, humid beach areas, and even small mountain towns more than a mile above sea level. I have experienced just about every climate imaginable and had a hell of a time while doing it.

Just for grins that was me back in the day, yep that over there —>

I was young and ugly then, now I am old and handsome. 😉

After finally having seen enough I moved home to Texas and began driving trucks, that worldwide traveler was done, now for some domestic wandering. This went on for almost ten years which, for the most part, I enjoyed. Below was my chariot.

Agri-Empressa Truck

I currently live in the Philippine Islands, my home sits in the middle of a huge rice paddy. This presents obstacles to my favorite hobby, true backyard relaxation; weather, insects (crawling, creeping and flying) and rodents being the main issues. I must be winning the battle because I love it here.

How can you contact me?

Ideally all your questions have been answered in the available articles but, should you have outstanding questions it is best to ask them in the comment area below each article. A question in the comments is answered there so the answer is available for the next person.

If you arrive here and still have questions you may use this simple contact form:

This site is here as a service to you, if you have an idea how it can be improved please share. 🙂

All the best,
Bill Gough